Kilwon Foods
About Kilwon
Welcome to Kilwon's Foods, where a world of Asian taste adventures awaits. We craft our sauces right here in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, where the fresh salt air carries the essence of the lands from the far side of the Pacific, and the inspiration for our products.

Whether you're preparing a quick snack for the family or a multi-course meal for a special occasion, at Kilwon's Foods, you'll find what you need to create a delectable and memorable dining experience.

Only the finest ingredients go into our products, ensuring you'll enjoy great natural taste and the ultimate in flavor with every bite. Use our versatile line of Wonnie's sauces as dressings with veggies or marinades for meats. Try them as dips or blend them into soups, and savor the mingling of new flavors and sensations.

Wonnie's products will inspire you to explore new culinary territories.

When it comes to Oriental flavor - Wonnie's is the one!